Flower Care

Flowering Branch Care

All flowering branches are shipped with closed but swelling buds just before flowering. Exposure to warmth during shipping may have begun the process of bud opening. To get the most life out of your flowering branches be sure to choose a clean and sanitized vase--bacteria can clog the stems of cut flowering plants so sanitizing is key. Give each branch a fresh cut and then place your branches in warm (not hot) water to help the branches start to open their buds and flowers. Newly arrived branches should be rehydrated by leaving them to soak up your clean vase water for about 6 hours before arranging. Remember to change your vase water regularly, with every day being best, and adding a cut flower food can also be beneficial.

Temperature is the key to flowering branch vase life--bringing the branches immediately into a 75 degree room will cause the buds to all open quickly and mean that your flowers will be gone quickly. If this is your goal, feel free, but it is best to gradually expose your flowering branches to higher temperatures starting with cooler temps (around 50 degrees F) and gradually move them to warmer spaces. This will help extend progression of flower opening on your branches. You can even move them back into cooler temperatures to slow bud and flower development. Just remember the warmer the temperature the faster the buds will open. You can easily get a week+ out of your branches by not exposing them to too warm of temperatures too quickly. 

While light helps with flower color development, it is important to keep your flowering branches out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources that will dry out your buds and wilt your flowers. Enjoy your flowering branches solo or add them to other arrangements!