Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions. You can find more specific looking for information about flower care here and all our ordering and shipment information here. If you can’t find the answer to your question on one of these pages you can email us at thelazysummerfarm@gmail.com.

When is your inventory updated? All inventory for both local pickup orders and shipped orders is updated on Sunday for ordering and shipment during the following week.

What shipping methods do you use? All perishable items (such as flowering branches) are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight so you can get maximum enjoyment from your order. All non-perishable items are shipped via USPS and are not overnighted. For all information on flower shipments please see our Flower Ordering and Shipping page.

How does ordering for local pickup work? Local Pickup orders are only available at the location selected during checkout only during the specified day and hours for that location. Specific pickup location availability can vary weekly throughout the season. Local pickup orders are available the Saturday of the week in which the order was placed at the selected farmers market pickup location. For this reason local pickup orders must be made on the website by 2pm the Friday before market. Orders must be picked up the week in which they were ordered, and orders can not be placed weeks in advance. See here for more info about pickup locations.

What if my order is damaged during shipment? Please document damage to package and contents with photographs and include these in an email to us explaining the situation as soon as possible. Check out the Order and Shipping page for more information on this topic.

How far in advance can I place an order? Our available inventory is updated on Sundays so that orders can be made and shipments to go out the following week. We produce seasonal goods and are always subject to natural cycles that may include total crop failure so we are unable to take orders in advance.

Can I cancel an order? For both local pickup and shipped orders you must send notice 24-hours before your pick-up or shipment date (meaning day of shipment, not day of order arrival) respectively. To cancel your order please send us an email stating as much and include “ORDER CANCELLATION” in the subject line.

Is your farm organic? Lazy Summer Farm is Certified Naturally Grown which is a peer-certified network of growers using sustainable and organic farming methods. Visit their website for more information here.

Do you offer wholesale? Yes. Please see our Wholesale page for more information.

How should I care for my flowering branches? More information about flowering branch care can be found on our Flower Care page.

Is your farm open to the public? No, our farm is on leased land and not currently open to the public. We may have special farm days and events in the future so consider signing up for our mailing list and following us on social media.

Do you offer custom orders? Not for shipped orders. We have a very small farm staff that handle all field operations as well as shipping fulfillment, so we are only able to offer what is on our current availability list for all national shipping. For local pickup we also encourage you to place orders from our weekly product availability. However, if you would like to place a large bulk order (over $250 in product) for local pickup you may reach out to us through email. It is advisable that you do this at least a week in advance of needing the order, as we said, we have a very small staff and can’t control the weather!

Are you looking for volunteers? We are not currently looking for volunteers for the farm. A great organization for doing farming/gardening volunteer work in the Athens and Atlanta area is through Concrete Jungle. Check them out here.

Is the farm hiring? We are very rarely hiring as our farm is small and labor demands are highly seasonal in nature, but you may submit a resume and cover letter to our email. There may be internship and employment opportunities in the future so be sure to follow our social media to know if something opens up.